• Are you ready to pursue your dream of having a creative business? 
  • Is your head spinning from all this talk of branding? 
  • Spending too much time reading article after article about how to develop your brand?
  • Not sure how to visually represent the value your brand provides?

Take a deep breath 

You don't have to read another article about branding elements or take another class on designing a logo. If that's not your thing it's okay, that is why there are crazy people like me. I love to talk about branding, know what a sans serif font is, and the meaning of the color blue.   

Eye for Design and Curiosity 

When I was little sitting at the kitchen table feet not yet touching the floor, I would spread my crayons out to color for hours, and dreamed of my job as a coloring book artist. (Yes, I thought I could get someone to pay for my awesome skill of coloring within the lines.) A few years later I was making stationery with my Lisa Frank stencils. The desire for a creative career stuck with me and that is how I became to be a graphic designer. 

My eye for design is paired with a curiosity that pushes me to learn and search for answers. By inquiring you on your business and diving into the message behind it, I will help you define your brand and create the pretty things that will represent it. 

ON a personal note

I currently live on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific ocean with my husband and our two dogs. The beautiful water inspires me. When I'm not behind the computer or reading a book, you can find me in or on the water fishing, paddle boarding, or scuba diving.